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Tatjana Barbakoff was the stage name of Cilly Edelbert - born 1899 in Libau, Latvia and died 1944 in Auschwitz. Her mother was from China and her Father was a Russian Jew. A well-known Performer.



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  • 11613 Jerusalem Israel Jewish Terrorism

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    11613  Jerusalem Israel Jewish Terrorism

    Photo: Keystone Agency - 1968. Explosion Kills Eleven and Injures Fifty-Five in Jerusalem Market. A car leaded with dynamite exploded in a Jewish market in Jerusalem killing 11 people and injuring 55, 18 of them seriously. The police said they had detained 50 Arabs for detention. The Terrorists chose a Friday for their attack, because the market is crowded with thousands of people shopping for their Shabbat meals.

    Photo Shows: The debris of a damaged house near the market, after the explosion.

  • 11612 Israel Palestine Jewish Settlers Pioneers

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    11612 Israel Palestine Jewish Settlers Pioneers

    Photo: Associated Press Roto Photo from New York - 1937. Dawn-to-Dusk Colonization in Palestine. With some 3,000 arriving monthly in the tide of Jewish immigration to the Holy Land, a gradual settlement of the territory outlying the metropolitan centers is going on apace. But the Arabs, from whom the new land has been bought, are not friendly, and there is much sniping and raiding on the part of ungoverned bands. Hence Dawn-to-Dusk stockades must be set up to prevent massacres. With truck loads of supplies this band of Pioneers awaits the daybreak signal before setting off under Jewish armed guards.